Mobile discos for weddings, parties, gala balls & functions - Production for award ceremonies, seminars & corporate events

Projectors & Projector Screens

We have a number of projectors and projector screens available for all kinds of events, both indoors and outdoors.

Projectors and projector screensHome and garden cinemas. Great for movie nights!  

Our projectors can be connected to a laptop, DVD player, mobile phone, tablet, live feed, cable or satellite box. Ideal for parties, seminars, presentations, slide shows, home movies, garden cinemas and corporate events.

We can also supply a number of sound systems from 200W to 5kW depending on requirements. 

Projectors for all of our projector screens.Projectors:

       Portable high resolution LED projector for use in a darkened area
       Christie 5000 lumen projector for use in non-direct or low light levels

Projector screens up to 150
Projector Screens:

      86" indoor screen 4:3 front projection (approx usable area 1.8m x 1.2m)
      120" indoor/outdoor screen 16:9 front/rear projection (approx usable area 2.8m x 1.8m)
      150" indoor/outdoor screen 16:9 front/rear projection (approx usable area 3.3m x 2m)

Projection, projector screens, PAs and productionPAs:

      200W powered stand mounted
      600W powered stand mounted
      2400W powered stack
      5kW stack
      12 channel mixing desk

We also do DVD player hire.

For larger events we can take care of the production as well.

All hires include delivery, set-up, collection, leads & connectors and an on-site technician where applicable.